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Improving quality and outcomes of the National Vaccination Program through multi-platform mobile management system:
The Vaccine e-Clinic

PI: Drs. Bach Tran and Le Thi Huong

We develop a mobile management system to improve quality and outcomes of the national vaccination program and implement an intervention on a cohort of urban caregivers with under-5-children.

Periods: 2015-2017


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The Substance Abuse and Adherence Support (SAAS) mobile app

PI: Drs. Bach Tran and Carl Latkin.

We aim to prevent new HIV infections and improve efficiency of HIV-related services by targeting substance abusers who are on the cusp of risk behaviors and shown poorer compliance and HIV/AIDS treatment outcomes, and promote healthy behaviors and HIV-related services access and retention. Moreover, we support former and current abusers to adapt healthy behaviors and prevent relapses to substance use.

Our idea is to develop and pilot test a smartphone application, The Substance Abuse and Adherence Support (SAAS), that identifies substance abuse and HIV risk behaviors among users, quickly engage them with counselling and health care services, and synchronize with web-based and social media (e.g. Facebook) tools to disseminate critical health information. Not only will our platform identify at-risk abusers and connect them with information and care, but it will also be a low cost and sustainable tool to collect cohort data on at-risk population to inform geographical priority setting, strategies for controlling substance abuse and HIV related problems, and epidemiological estimation and projection practices regarding HIV.

Period: 2015-2016



Satisfaction with Access, Transfer, and Inpatient Care Services (SATIS)
PI: Dr. Bach Tran

Objectives:  We develop an application to measure the satisfaction of customers when they use inpatient care services in any hospitals of Vietnam.
Periods: 2015-2017

Managing HIV – A Smartphone Innovative Toolkit for Vietnamese

PI: Drs Roger Ho, Bach Tran, Le Thi Huong, Do Duy Cuong, and Melvyn Zhang


The objectives of the current project is to make use of new innovative smartphone technologies to help Vietnamese diagnosed with HIV and/or HBV/HCV to: (a) Monitor health status and improve service access and utilization amongst patients diagnosed with HIV and HBV/HCV infections; (b) Identify psychiatric comorbidity amongst this special population so that early intervention could be provided for; (c) Enhance patient’s adherence to medications and services to improve the outcomes of HIV and HBV/HCV treatment services.

Periods: 2015-2016



School Health e-Clinic

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Smoking cessation e-clinic